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Consumers Guide to Buying Goji PDF Print Email


I just wrote a simple 15 page book called "Consumers Guide to Buying Goji" and published it on SCRIBD. This is available to download as a PDF file FREE for anyone that wants a copy.

Consumers Guide

Also my 6 part series that I wrote for Ki Awareness Magazine last year is available for FREE.

Ki Awareness Magazine

Is Juice Better than Dried Berries? PDF Print Email

Goji Juice and BerriesIs Juice Better than Dried Berries?

I get this question a lot. If you can get raw berries and juice them in a good quality juicer then you would have a very good juice. However it has been discovered that even more special compounds are available in the fermented berry, and that is why goji wine is now commercially produced. However, your chance of getting raw berries is slim to none. The berries bruise so easily that they will not be commercially available in the foreseeable future.

All commercially available juice must be treated with a high temperature process to give you shelf life. First item lost in the process is the enzymes. If you study the work of enzyme pioneers like Dr. Edward Howell, you will understand the importance of enzymes in your diet. Food without enzymes is actually dead. The life force energy is contained in the enzymes. Conversely sun drying does not destroy all the enzyme content or activity of the berries.

Goji improving vision? PDF Print Email
Written by Michael Seegers   
Monday, 11 January 2010 12:23

Wolfberry Vision

There is a word in conventional scientific nomenclature which has always annoyed me. That word is “anecdotal”. If a hundred generations of Chinese people eat Goji and they have good eyesight at the age of 95 years we might ask them if they know something. If they report that eating Goji improves their vision, then scientifically speaking in the “modern” western world, that can be considered “anecdotal” in terms of evidence.

If we compare them to a hundred generations of Chinese people who never ate Goji and who also have poor eyesight at the age of 95 years, then we have an interesting story which is of course still considered “anecdotal”. To rid ourselves of this annoyance in rigid thinking we need to apply the scientific method with placebo, controls, double blind repeated studies, peer review and publish in the appropriate journals.

CODEX PDF Print Email
Wednesday, 16 December 2009 11:50

CodexAs readers of this website know, I do not make any health claims for Goji but rather I prefer to just publish the science; facts without opinion. I have been a strong advocate of Health Freedom since 1996 and a staunch opponent of CODEX and its international agenda (as evidenced by my website at CODEX Action Committee).

I actually intend to do something very unusual in that I will rewrite the disclaimer that my webmaster put on this site so that I will actually take full responsibility for every word that I publish. If that bothers anybody then let the chips fall where they may.

Therefore in light of what is occurring in Europe at the Nutra Ingredients Health Claims Conference I think that today’s article will be of interest.

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