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Goji Juice and BerriesIs Juice Better than Dried Berries?

I get this question a lot. If you can get raw berries and juice them in a good quality juicer then you would have a very good juice. However it has been discovered that even more special compounds are available in the fermented berry, and that is why goji wine is now commercially produced. However, your chance of getting raw berries is slim to none. The berries bruise so easily that they will not be commercially available in the foreseeable future.

All commercially available juice must be treated with a high temperature process to give you shelf life. First item lost in the process is the enzymes. If you study the work of enzyme pioneers like Dr. Edward Howell, you will understand the importance of enzymes in your diet. Food without enzymes is actually dead. The life force energy is contained in the enzymes. Conversely sun drying does not destroy all the enzyme content or activity of the berries.

What about vitamins? Heating juice destroys a large percentage of the vitamin content. However I was surprised and pleased to discover that the dried berries used for nutrient analysis at the Ningxia Food Science and Technology Institute were actually on the average 2 to 3 years old without appreciable loss. Also the antioxidant power remained largely undiminished.
Now for the bad news. If you read my Bovis Myth article then you know that I have an expose coming up on Mr. Lindsay Duncan and his juices. They are almost black in colour while fresh goji juice is very orange. But let’s get to an even worse situation with all those MLM companies and their diluted products.

The Great Goji Lawsuits

First you have to watch the video “Getting Juiced” which was produced by CBC and aired on their Marketplace show on January 24, 2007. Watch it online here:

Now for an even greater expose into the antics of Freelife let me show you a very informative website which has been created by some very diligent raw food proponents with excellent research skills. I give you David and his friends at

In summary I have to tell you that I just don’t see any point in drinking goji juice. The dried berries are so much more versatile as an ingredient, are great to snack on, easy to carry around, don’t need refrigeration, last for years in an air-tight container and just plain taste good. So it’s a no-brainer that the dried berries beat the juice hands down every time.

Thank you David and crew for the first class job you guys are doing with your research.

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