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Goji improving vision? PDF Print Email
Written by Michael Seegers   
Monday, 11 January 2010 12:23

Wolfberry Vision

There is a word in conventional scientific nomenclature which has always annoyed me. That word is “anecdotal”. If a hundred generations of Chinese people eat Goji and they have good eyesight at the age of 95 years we might ask them if they know something. If they report that eating Goji improves their vision, then scientifically speaking in the “modern” western world, that can be considered “anecdotal” in terms of evidence.

If we compare them to a hundred generations of Chinese people who never ate Goji and who also have poor eyesight at the age of 95 years, then we have an interesting story which is of course still considered “anecdotal”. To rid ourselves of this annoyance in rigid thinking we need to apply the scientific method with placebo, controls, double blind repeated studies, peer review and publish in the appropriate journals.


I have had the privilege of eating more Goji in the last two years than perhaps anyone on this earth. I keep about 200 pounds in my living room and continually sample new product. Often I consume as much as a kilogram in a week. The fact that my eyesight is getting remarkably stronger is unfortunately “anecdotal”. In fact my father believes that it is the natural result of aging. So what can we make of all the legendary “anecdotal” accounts of Goji improving vision?

Let me share with you the hard science. I have a lovely colour brochure which explains this but the publisher would not give me permission to upload it as a PDF on this website. Instead he gave me the colour pic you see in this article and provided the link to his site where you can purchase a hard copy.

You may find it even more enjoyable to watch the video on YouTube which explains this science very clearly and is presented by a very reputable gentleman.

Watch it here: 
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