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Written by Michael Seegers   
Tuesday, 29 December 2009 09:16

Antoine Bovis

The Bovis Myth

This one took a bit longer to research so please bear with me. The first time that I ever saw a Goji berry it came complete with the Bovis myth firmly attached. I pride myself on being a pretty sharp guy and I know that I do considerably more research than most people, therefore it was quite a surprise that I did not know about the Bovis scale. That was five years ago and I still can’t find the original scientific study that determined the number 355,000 for Goji that was measured by a ‘Bovis expert’.

Every item I can find simply quotes this as a fact and there is no reference material cited. What I did find was a nice colour brochure offered at my health food store selling Genesis Today™ brand of Goji juice. On page 7 we find in the right hand column the following statement, “Goji juice shows a reading of 355,000…the highest reading that many health professionals have ever reported receiving. This brochure can be viewed online here: Goji Healing Booklet . Genesis Today is owned by Lindsey Duncan ND, CN who is apparently a well respected individual.

Let me give you my perspective on “Bovis energy”, a subject which I consider to be completely misleading. I will have more to say in future articles about Mr. Duncan but for now let’s see what Bovis is all about. From Wikipedia we have a good starting point for our enquiries about Antoine Bovis at This line says it all, “The unit of the Bovis scale has no known definition and isn't in any way based on physics. The "measurement" consists of the dowser walking around the place with an object (like a pendulum, dubbed "biometer") and declaring the Bovis number.”  Can you believe this so far? Look closer at to see the words of Mr. Bovis himself, he really is using a pendulum.

What I found more astounding even than this, are the comments from dowsers, like this little quote, “To measure energy level on the Biometer, you need to concentrate on the place, person, substance or object, you want to measure. Then ask the question: "What is the energy level of this place, person, plant, food or medicine?" Read the article at Continuing this line of enquiry will bring you to more pages of interesting stuff which conventional science finds laughable. To be fair on this subject I must refer you to sites like and for a bit of balance in our pursuit of truth. It gets extra murky when people start quoting words like “bio-photons” and confusing terminology by the old copy and paste method of reporting. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and his group of researchers are the respected gentlemen who coined the term bio-photons and their work has nothing to do with Bovis. See for some very interesting real science.

Now let’s get back to Goji. So far Lindsey Duncan publishes a supposed Bovis energy reading in his colour brochure selling his goji juice. No source information is available for this measurement which may have been done by someone using a pendulum and a piece of paper. Can this procedure be duplicated? Is anything quantifiable in the procedure? Is the tool calibrated to any standard? Is there anything actually resembling the “Scientific Method” involved here? Unfortunately for Mr. Duncan I have to say, “No there is not!”  Sorry Mr. Duncan but your reputation is heading for the southern realms. To date I have not taken the time to buy a pendulum and ask it what the Bovis reading is on my Goji berries.  

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