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Welcome to Sun Life Goji

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Sun Life Goji is a Toronto based importing company which specializes in certified organic goji berries and goji products. Working directly with the largest producers from the farms to the factories, we ensure through personal trips to China that the products we bring to market have been rigorously inspected and meet our quality requirements. Each shipment we bring in to Canada can be traced through internationally accredited organic certification bodies all the way back to the individual farms where the berries are grown. A sample of each lot is also tested in a reputable Canadian laboratory before being released to our wholesalers. All documents from export inspections to phytosanitary certificates and lab tests are available on this website.

This website is intended to be a reference point where readers will find only documented scientific facts concerning goji berries. We do not copy and paste our text from unproven sources. We trace every piece of data back to its source. We ensure that the hype and myth surrounding goji is pushed aside so that the truth may speak for itself.

It is our opinion that when all the dust settles after clearing away the nonsense, only one perception of goji is possible. Goji is even better than you thought or even imagined. We have the science to prove it, and this website is your gateway to discovering that truth

Regarding health claims we must mention a few points. The word “claim” has a powerful meaning in law. You may be surprised to discover the Canadian government’s position on health claims in relation to food so we provide for your understanding the following link We make absolutely no health claims regarding goji. We simply suggest that you include goji as one of your servings of fruit every day. Canada’s Food Guide recommends that you have no less than six servings of fruits and vegetables every day as shown here . A serving of goji is a small handful of dried berries weighing 15 grams

One caveat that deserves mention. Goji is not recommended for people taking medication to thin their blood. Prescriptions like Warfarin and Coumadin give cause for concern in this regard. There is one scientific study that indicated a potential concern for a person using blood thinners. You can find it here

To your health!

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