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Nutrients and Nutrition Facts

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NutritionNutrition: An Introduction

Goji is one of the most nutrient dense foods that mother nature has ever created. The only things that you can ingest with greater nutrient density are bee pollen and phytoplankton. (This is only logical because goji is a fruit having skin, fiber, seeds etc that don’t exist in the pollen or algae.) What makes goji extraordinary is the fact that it contains so much protein. This is unheard of in a fruit. The mineral composition is truly magnificent. The essential fatty acids, complex sugars, high fiber and blockbuster antioxidant profile, combined with the special polysaccharides it has are the reasons that goji has been given “Superfruit” status.



ORAC is the standard test, adopted by the US Department of Agriculture, to measure the potency of antioxidants in food. The test was developed by Dr. Guohua Cao, a physician and chemist who worked at the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, Maryland. The ORAC test, though not the be all and end all of antioxidant testing, gives a good idea of the free-radical-destroying potential of a given food. It does this by measuring the time an antioxidant takes to react as well as the capacity of antioxidants within the sample food. It combines these elements into one measurement that is commonly expressed in terms of a 100 gram sample.

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