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Freeze Dried Powder

Freeze Dried Powder

After collection the fresh berries are cleaned in a bubble-cleaning line and hand-selected to be  filled for Individual Quick Freeze (IQF) and finally to be lyophilized (freeze drying). Unlike conventional goji FD powder made from dried berries, our fresh goji FD Powder remains bright red to red-orange color of fresh berry, taste is close to fresh berry, and the most important is that it maintains the full spectrum nutrition of fresh berries under low temperature processing.

Polysaccharides can be dried quickly by lyophilization (freeze-drying) at the low temperature    (-40℃)  plus decompression (40X10-3 vacuum degree). Such method can prevent glycosidic bond from fracturing.

The dissolution of polysaccharides by freeze drying has much better solubility than that dried by heat and the antioxidant activity is much higher as well.

Favored for its full nutrition, it's widely used in all food and food supplement manufacturing; and superior for its fresh color and taste. Our Fresh Goji Berry FD Powder is an optimized ingredient for bakery, confectionery and beverage industries.

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