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Goji Seed Oil

Goji Seed Oil

With the introduction of supercritical CO2 extraction technology we have an extremely clean product.

The technique for supercritical fluid is a new effective material separation technique developed in the past 20 years in chemical food science. There is no solvent residue when using this technique.

Goji seeds are rich in the bioactive substances necessary for life, growth and development. Analyses indicates that goji seeds contain 68.3% linoleic acid, 19.1% oleic acid, 3.1%;-linolenic acid, 27 mg of vitamin E and 170 mg of β-carotene in 100 g of seeds, many trace elements, epidermal growth factors, and SOD among other nutritional components.

Our Goji Seed Oil is characterized by high purity and stable quality. It is an orange-yellow transparent liquid. It is packed in polyethylene tubs (4.5 kg/tub) and also available as a soft gel capsule similar to vitamin E

  • Packing:     4.5Kg/tub X 4drums/box
  • Storage:     18 Months under Ordinary Conditions
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