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Freeze Dried Polysaccharide Extract

Freeze Dried Polysaccharide Extract

The polysaccharide in goji berry (Lycium Bararum Polysaccharides or LBP) is one of the important effective components of the fruit. It is characterized by its protein content, which is very rare in vegetarian polysaccharides. The side lateral chains of the wolfberry polysaccharide are made of rhamnose, arabinose, xylose, seminose, galactose and glucose, while the protein backbone is composed of 18 amino acids. The side chains attach to the backbone by means of Glycan-O-Der. In accordance with modern medical research, goji polysaccharide can help upgrade human immunity by strengthening hematopoiesis, nourishing liver, lowering blood pressure and promoting cell activity. No side-effect has ever been found.

This polysaccharide is produced by means of supercritical CO2 extraction, water dissolving exaction, electrodialysis, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and freezing sublimation drying. The product is characterized by high purity and good solubility.

The content is given as polysaccharide 32%, total sugars 50% and protein 6%.

Available in 2 kg bags and also in the form of oral capsules, lozenges, instant solvable tablets and oral liquid.

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